Apr 8

Upcoming Events at The Depot


*Fri. 2/24 7p The Edge All 80’s + Industrial DJ Greg

*Sat. 2/25 7p Morning Dew, Avoid, Dakota Kade & Pronouns

*Sun. 2/26 12p Rap showcase hosted by Shaka

*Tue. 2/28 7p Open mic hosted by Val Yumm

*Wed. 3/1 TBA

*Thur. 3/2 7p The Big Nasty Show

*Fri. 3/3 6p The Electric Prophets, Hellrad, Mangog & Doomsday Mavericks

*Sat. 3/4 7p Royalcrush Entertainment presents a rap showcase

*Sun. 3/5 7p Coffin Birth, Sour Spirit, Genevieve & Xeukatre

*Tue. 3/7 7p Freestate Collective, Bruise, The Language, Wither, Suffer Through & Abaddon

*Wed. 3/8 7p TBA

*Thur. 3/9 7p Rozamov, HUSH & Serpents of Secrecy

*Fri. 3/10 7p The Edge 80's + industrial DJ Greg

*Sat. 3/11 8p Baltimore's Got Talent Drag Show hosted by Brooklyn Heights

*Sun. 3/12 5p Afton presents a rap showcase

LilNate410, M16roundz, Rocke Lee, Harley Russell, Good Vibes Movement, KCDM & Eyale

Tix www.aftonshows.com

*Tue. 3/14 7p Open mic hosted by Val Yumm

*Wed. 3/15 7p For the Fire, Sonic Creeps, Mangog, The Crownless & STAINEDglassSOCIETY

*Thu. 3/16 7p Dreko presents a rap showcase

*Fri. 3/17 7p Alternative Green Rock Show Doctor Smoke, Mister Seaweed & Mountainwolf             

*Sat. 3/18 9p Batz Over Baltimore goth + industrial DJ’s CB & Hemlock

Sun. 3/19 12 noon Shaka presents a rap showcase

Sun. 3/19 7p TBA

Tue. 3/21 7p Open mic hosted by Val Yumm

Wed. 3/22/Thur. 3/23 TBA

*Fri. 3/24 8p Mr. Drag Husband Pageant hosted by Brooklyn Heights

*Sat. 3/25/Sun. 3/26 TBA

*Tue. 3/28 7p Open mic hosted by Val Yumm

*Wed. 3/29 7p Short Leash, War Prayer, Soul Sucker, Consumed with Hatred, Bad Off & Cold Hands

*Thu. 3/30 7p TBA

*Fri. 3/31 7p March Metal Mayhem...Corpse Hoarder, Throne of Botis, Salem, Gorehore & Earthworm Von Doom

*Fri. 4/7 7p Carousel Kings, Abandon by Bears, Bad Case of Big Mouth, You’re Too Kind, Hometown Zeros & Arc of the Sun

Jan 15

Fest in Peace

Subject to Change, Braceface, Pain!, Trigger 13, Vivid Vertigo, Sextia CN'eight, 96 Olympics, eLynntric, Party Poison, The Mer, Ryan's Acoustic Riot, Beatnic Termites & Deadbeat Holiday